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From the earliest times homo sapiens lived in groups. Groups set up rules that served the groups, and everyone in the group had to abide by the rules of the group. The ruling structures set up implemented the rules of the group.  Homo sapiens, like other living creatures, brooked no nonsense. There was accountability.

Governance has essential and inviolable components. There are:

  1. 1. Rules come out of the group and must serve the members of the group and the group. In today's wording, the laws emanate from the citizenry and must serve the citizenry and the country.
  2. 2. Whoever is in charge can only do what serves the citizenry and the country and must do what serves the citizenry and the country.
  3. Accountability applies equally to every member of the group.


This is the definition of governance articulated and applied by us.

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If a citizen does something that hurts the country or fellow citizens, what has been done has to be undone, and all damages must be compensated. The amount that is going to take is irrelevant. If someone did something that hurt the country and it is going to take a billion dollars to undo the damage and another ten billion dollars to compensate citizens, the eleven billion dollars is to be paid period. How the nefarious one is going to come up with the eleven billion dollars is his/her problem. There is no forgiveness and there is no writing off the eleven billion dollars.